Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

We are always happy when we can use pediatric dentistry to start our young patients on the road to a lifetime of healthy teeth. Our decades of experience have shown us that healthy habits starting at a young age can result in the lifelong preservation of all one’s teeth. It truly is not necessary to lose teeth at any age and pediatric dentistry can be the key to making this happen.

Your children should visit the dentist for the first time by their second birthday. We will examine the child’s teeth and bite and help you understand the proper care to keep those teeth healthy. We might recommend a change of habits to prevent problems that might require orthodontic work someday, such as discontinuing thumb-sucking or use of a pacifier. When your child reaches his (or her) fourth birthday, you should begin to schedule regular checkups at our office.

Because pediatric dentistry is one of our specialties, we know how to make children comfortable during their dental care. The more comfortable they are, the easier it will be to get them to take care of their teeth and allow us to clean and examine their teeth in the future. We strive to make every visit a positive experience for our young patients, just like we do with adults.


Special Services for Young Patients

While the following educational services or treatments are available to anyone, they are extremely useful and applicable in the case of young children.

Educational services:

  • The right way to brush and floss daily
  • Why brushing the right way prevents tooth decay and future pain
  • How keeping your teeth healthy helps keep your whole body healthy
  • Why regular visits to the dentist keep teeth from becoming painful

Pediatric Treatments:

  • Cleanings and examinations in a friendly, reassuring, comfortable atmosphere
  • Sealants to prevent decay in the chewing surface of molars
  • Fluoride treatment to harden enamel and protect against cavities
  • Bite analysis to determine the need for orthodontic care now or in the future
  • Traditional braces or ClearCorrect clear aligners to bring teeth into alignment

While it is unusual, some children may need partial or complete dentures as a result of a congenital condition, widespread decay or injury to the teeth. Even a young child appreciates having an attractive smile to show off to his or her friends.


As Your Children Grow Up

As your children mature into adults, we hope to continue our care of their teeth and oral health. In more than two decades of service to our community, we have been privileged to see our young patients grow up into healthy adults who then starting bringing their children to see us.

Our care for our young patients starts with ensuring their parents are happy with their own visits and the results of treatment so they will trust us with their children. In every case, our goal is to deliver the highest quality of care possible. We will only recommend a treatment plan that a patient needs to preserve their health and teeth or correct an existing problem. It is our honor to be trusted with so many young residents of Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township, Farmington Hills, Troy, Birmingham, Clawson, Beverly Hills or surrounding areas so we can help them grow up into healthy adults—with beautiful teeth, of course!

To introduce your child to our care, please call 248-230-2826 to schedule an appointment.


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