Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry is what most people think of when they hear that someone is going to the dentist. This is the branch of dentistry which makes sure you have a full set of teeth that function well and are as healthy as possible. While restorative dentistry does have aesthetic value, the main goal is to reestablish optimum oral health and fully functioning teeth and gums.

Restorative Dental Services

Some of the restorative dental services we offer our patients include the following:

Tooth-colored fillings: Advancements in dental science have provided strong, attractive, tooth-colored fillings as a replacement for the silver mixture that was previously used. We find our patients are much happier with these naturally colored fillings. Placing these fillings also requires less of the substance of your tooth to be drilled out because the filling bonds to your tooth. Metal fillings had to be encased in tooth material, requiring a larger opening to be drilled. Tooth-colored fillings constitute a major advance in the science of dental restorations.

Crowns: A porcelain crown matched to the color of a patient’s other teeth offers a natural-looking way to strengthen a damaged tooth. After root canal therapy, a fracture or chip, or when a large filling must be placed, a crown offers protection. A tooth with a crown can last for the rest of a person’s life, often eliminating the need for a bridge or dental implant.

Bridges: A bridge fills the gap of one or more missing teeth with a porcelain appliance. A bridge is anchored onto two prepared teeth on either side of the gap and a porcelain replacement tooth fills the empty space. With proper care, a bridge can fill this space for many years.

Onlays and Inlays: Onlays and inlays are created to fill larger gaps created by cleaning out decayed tooth tissue. Rather than being placed directly in the mouth like tooth-colored fillings, they are created outside the mouth in a lab. After the tooth has been prepared, the onlay or inlay is created out of porcelain material matched to the color of your teeth. It is exactly shaped to fit the cleaned-out area of the tooth. The difference between an onlay and an inlay is whether or not it fits fully into the shape of the tooth. If it does, it is an inlay. If one or more of the upper points (cusps) of a tooth are replaced by the porcelain, it is an onlay.

Root canal therapy: As long as decay stays in the outer part of a tooth, a simple filling can repair it. If decay invades the soft pulp inside of the tooth, which contains the blood and nerve supply, root canal therapy must be done to save the tooth. The nerve of the tooth must be fully cleaned out and the inner part of the tooth must be disinfected. Sterile material will be used to fill the nerve’s space and the tooth will then be closed up. A tooth that has been through root canal therapy needs a crown placed afterwards to strengthen and protect it.

Dentures: When several or all teeth have been lost from the upper or lower jaw, dentures restore a smile and the ability to eat normally again. Partial dentures can be anchored to other teeth to fill in for several missing teeth and a complete denture is provided when all the teeth in the upper or lower jaw have been lost.

Dental implants: Dental implants are another advancement of dental science that offer a better solution for missing teeth. A slender titanium post (the implant) is first placed in the jaw to serve as the root for a replacement tooth. When this post heals well, it also bonds tightly with the bone in your jaw. A porcelain crown (the replacement tooth) is then anchored to the implant. As you bite and chew, this implant acts just like your original tooth, providing pressure which stimulates the growth of normal bone in the jaw. Dental implants help preserve the health of your jaw bone better than any other system of tooth replacement.

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