Up-to-date Dental News with Bloomfield Hills Dental Associates

Up-to-date Dental News with Bloomfield Hills Dental Associates

At Bloomfield Hills Dental Associates, we love educating our patients. About everything. Preventative care for adults and kids, restorative care, braces, implants and even sleep-related dental disorders! We help empower our patients to make the very best dental decisions, no matter what their needs.

So, we started a blog. Here, you’ll find topics related to not only routine procedures, but also all about the latest and greatest in dental technologies. After all, good oral and dental hygiene is not only important for your smile, it’s connected to your overall health.

At Bloomfield Hills Dental Associates, we’ve spent the last 25 years treating our patients like family. In fact, we’ve seen kids grow, become adults, marry and bring their own children to us. We look forward to hearing what’s new each time you come in.

We offer a large array of services. From Baby teeth, to braces and even oral surgeries and implants, we’ve got you covered. In fact, if someone in your family snores, we can help with that too! We are educated in evaluating and treating sleep disordered breathing. From morning and through the night, we’ve got your back.

If you’re currently in pain or have a dental emergency, don’t wait to call us. We take emergency appointments even if you’re not already our patient! For after-hours emergencies, call 248-872-6495. To schedule an appointment during business hours, call 248-290-2900. We’re ready for your call!

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